Delivered a session and practical demonstration on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation ( CPR) for victims of Cardiac arrest of any origin like Heart attack, electrocutions, lightening injury, food or drug allergies and fire or chemical smoke Inhalation, during ” NIRMAN ” a technical hackathon conducted by Silicon Institute of Technology.
About 300 engineering and management students from KIIT , IIIT Bhubaneswar, Silicon Institute ,GIET gunupur, GITA, BJB College, Revenshaw University, BIITM , SOA and IGIT sarang participate in the live demonstration and interaction.
Many participants had the opportunity to learn the life saving skill through hand on practice, during the two days events. The faculties from Infosys, BIITM and CTTC requested me to conduct training sessions for their staffs.
How Sanjivani QCPR KIOSK is going to change the life saving skill landscape across India was demonstrated.
More than 150 engineering and management students have applied for internship at INOFINITY RND in our next TWO upcoming Innovations .